3M 1292 Attest Rapid Readout Biological Indicator For Steam

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    3M 1292 Attest Rapid Readout Biological Indicator For Steam

    3M Attest Rapid Readout Biological Indicator For Steam is a dual readout biological indicator system specifically designed for rapid and reliable monitoring for 121-123°C Gravity and 132-135°C Vacuum-Assisted steam sterilization processes when used in conjunction with the 3M Attest Auto-reader 290 or the 3M Attest Auto-reader 390.


    • 3M Attest Rapid Readout Biological Indicator For Steam detects the presence of Geobacillus stearothermophilus by detecting the activity of alpha-glucosidase, an enzyme present within the organism
    • Presence of the enzyme is detected by reading fluorescence produced by the enzymatic breakdown of a non-fluorescent substrate, this creates a fluorescence change, which is detected by the auto-reader
    • Fluorescence change indicates a steam sterilization process failure 
    • Presence of G. stearothermophilus organisms by a visual color change reaction
    • Biochemical activity of the G. stearothermophilus organism produces acid by-products that cause the media to change color from purple to yellow
    • Visual pH color change also indicates a steam sterilization process failure
    • Due to the high sensitivity of the 3-hour fluorescent results, however, there is no advantage to incubating the Attest 1292 Rapid Readout Biological Indicator beyond 3 hours
    • Provides results in three hours
    • Compliant with ANSI/AAMI/ISO 11138:2006 Parts 1 and 3
    • Self-contained, reducing the risk of false positives due to contamination
    • Automatic readout means unambiguous 'YES'/'NO', PASS/FAIL result
    • Indications: Use the Attest™ 1292 Rapid Readout Biological Indicator to monitor:
      - 250°F (121°C) gravity steam sterilization cycles
      - 270°F (132°C) vacuum assisted steam sterilization cycles

    More Information

    • Storage: 
      • Best stored in the original box under normal room conditions: 15-30ºC (59-86ºF) and 35-60% relative humidity.
      • Do not store these biological indicators near sterilants or other chemicals. 
    • Precautions:
      Do not use the Attest™ 1292 Rapid Readout Biological Indicator to monitor:
      • 270°F (132°C) gravity steam sterilization cycles.
      • Dry heat, chemical vapor, ethylene oxide or other low temperature sterilization processes. 
    • Warning: 
      • There is a glass ampoule inside the plastic vial of the biological indicator. To avoid the risk of serious injury from flying debris due to a ruptured biological indicator:
      • Allow the biological indicator to cool for the recommended time period before crushing. Crushing or excessive handling of the biological indicator before cooling may cause the glass ampoule to burst.
      • Wear safety glasses and gloves when removing the biological indicator from the sterilizer.
      • Wear safety glasses when crushing the biological indicator.
      • Handle the biological indicator by the cap when crushing and tapping.
      • Do not use your fingers to crush the glass ampoule.
      • Do not roll the biological indicator between fingers to wet the spore strip
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