Midtronics IDR-10 KIT inGEN Diagnostic Data Recorder Kit

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  • Description

    Phantoms. Gremlins. Glitches. Ghosts in the Machine. We all have names for them; those hard-to-find problems that seem to randomly appear, then disappear. The new inGEN® Diagnostic Data Recorder from Midtronics will help you locate and identify electrical system problems once and for all. After installation in your customer’s vehicle, it becomes a continuous diagnostic monitoring tool that captures and records all electrical system activity; even intermittent errors. You can then analyze the data and quickly locate, diagnose, and correct the problem; eliminating frustrating guesswork and customer returns.

    Product Features

    • The inGEN Diagnostic Data Recorder is installed in the vehicle to provide in-line testing and recording of voltage, amps, and temperature for advanced troubleshooting of simple and complex electrical problems
    • The inGEN Diagnostic Data Recorder has a variety of installation configuration options to monitor a variety of vehicle systems and system functions
    • Uses a common data card for transferring or storing data
    • User-defined events for identifying possible faults using Boolean functions
    • Continuously samples at 50 millisecond intervals in full power mode
    • When trigger is engaged, data is flushed to the data card
    • Gives user the ability to record voltage and current from 20 milliAmps to 350 Amps
    • Included inGEN Diagnostic Analysis software package for data analysis and diagnostics
    • Data card stores data as set-up in the inGEN Diagnostic Analysis Software Test triggers can be set by time, event, power level, or any number or combination of other variables
    • Auxiliary Voltage Cable connections can be used to monitor specific current channels
    • Multiple operation modes help you collect the right information at the right time, without removing excess power from the vehicle battery


    • IDR-10, 4 color-coded auxiliary voltage harness kit
    • Auxiliary current harness kit
    • Main battery + cable
    • DAS software
    • USB data card reader
    • Data Card
    • Stylus
    • Under Hood Installation Case
    • Carrying Case

    Measurement Specifications

    Current Consumption (approximate):

    • FULL POWER MODE: 150 mA
    • LOW POWER MODE: 20 mA (with auxiliary current disabled)
    • DEEP SLEEP MODE: less than 5 mA

    Current Measurements:

    • Main: -350 A to 350 A, 0 A to 7.5 A*, +/- 20 mA, 100 A to 350 A*, +/- 1 A
    • Charge and discharge current
    • Aux: -30 to 30 A max (fused), +/- 40 mA, connected in line with vehicle fuse

    Voltage Measurements:

    • Main: 9 to 16 Vdc, +/- 20 mV
    • Aux 1: On / off with settable threshold (triggerable)
    • Aux 2: On / off with settable threshold
    • Aux 3: On / off with settable threshold
    • Aux 4: On / off with settable threshold

    Temperature Sensor:

    • Located in DDR housing to approximate battery temperature.
    • Measurement range: -4F to 158F (-20C to 70C)

    Operating Voltage: 7 to 16 Vdc

    Physical Specifications

    • Display: 2-line, 16-Character LCD Display. Updates every 2 seconds with live data
    • Length: 9 (22.86 cm)
    • Width:875 (9.84 cm)
    • Height:5 (3.81 cm)
    • Weight:6 lb (703 g)
    • Operating Temperature: -4F to 158F / -20C to 70C

    Data Recording Specifications

    • Full Power Mode: Data is sampled at 50 ms, updates to data card a 30 second average of 50 ms samples every 30 seconds.
    • Low Power Mode: Data is recorded every 30 seconds. Check for current and voltage triggers every 1 second.
    • Deep Sleep Mode: Data is recorded every 5 minutes. Check for current and voltage triggers every minute.
    • Triggerable: In Full Power mode: Store 60 seconds of data centered on the trigger event at 50 ms intervals. In other modes: Store 60 seconds of data after the trigger event. Triggers are set in DAS PC software and loaded into DDR with data card prior to installation in vehicle.
    • Triggerable Channels: Main Current Measurement Aux Voltage Channel 1
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