Vampliers VT-001 Screw Extraction Pliers Review and Giveaway

Vampliers VT-001 Screw Extraction Pliers Review and Giveaway

Posted by J&B Tool Sales on 31st Aug 2015

Making a mistake is the worst part of any project, but error due to poor hardware is even worse.

Have you screwed into a material that is a bit too hard or your pilot hole just a bit too small? Your screw starts stripping, and the clock is laughing because the project is about to take five times as long.

For the untrained the answer to a stripping screw is always to apply more pressure! Which, of course, strips the screw completely causing the tool to slip and connecting your hand and engine block in a glorious Bruce Lee punch.

Trained mechanics let the tools do the work and Vampliers are the tool broken screws. VAMPLIERS have engineered new screw extraction pliers that remove rusty, stripped, damaged, jammed or tamper-proof screws. Made in Japan with Japanese steel Vampliers have vertical and horizontal serrated inside jaws that bite into screw heads of various shapes without slipping them.

Eric the Car Guy recently put them to the test removing stripped screws out of a wood stud. 
Watch below for his full review.

Vampliers Giveaway

Vamplier Review

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