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Here at J&B Tool Sales, we take pride in offering thousands of items at great prices. Daily, we're serving thousands of customers that are shopping for unique, hard to find and normal automotive parts. Over the last years, the amount of communication from customers has increased, and we've devoted extra time and attention to respond to every communication request that comes our way. Below we've listed multiple sites and services where our customers have over 3,000+ reviews. We hope you join our group of satisfied customers soon!
Updated - 4/13/2017

JB Tool Sales Google Trusted Store Reviews

JB Tool Sales Reviews Google Trusted Store Reviews

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JB Tool Sales Reviews Biz Rate Reviews

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JB Tool Sales Reviews eBay Reviews

JB Tool Sales Amazon Reviews

JB Tool Sales Reviews Amazon Reviews

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Prices were great. My order was split between two warehouses and I got an email before things shipped indicating that there would be two packages that may not arrive together. They arrived on time or early. Will use again.


Fast shipping, customer service response at 9 PM, and an excellent price for the item I ordered. You can't ask for better than that. I would definitely recommend.


I have been buying tools (several thousands of dollars worth) from JB Tool Sales for many years either off their eBay store or their online store and like to think I have a relationship of trust with them. JB have always been competitive with their prices and helpful with my orders. On the vey odd occasion a delivery has been "lost" in transit to Australia JB has sent me a replacement, without argument.


I love this site, cheap and fast shipping


Let me tell you.These guys are the best. Great service, great price and the shipping was free and very quick.