What Is an Octane Booster? And How Can They Benefit My Vehicle?

What Is an Octane Booster? And How Can They Benefit My Vehicle?

17th Apr 2020

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Octane Booster Improves Vehicle Performance

When researching products to improve your vehicle's performance, you may stumble upon octane boosters. A type of liquid additive, they live up to their namesake by boosting the octane rating of your vehicle's fuel. Whether you drive a car, truck or SUV, using an octane booster may yield better performance. But what exactly is an octane booster?

Overview of Octane Boosters

An octane booster is a type of liquid additive that's added to a vehicle's fuel tank to increase its octane rating. Generally speaking, high-octane fuel can withstand more detonations in an engine's combustion chamber than low-octane fuel. An octane booster is simply a product that, when added to a vehicle's fuel tank, increases the octane rating of its fuel.

Benefits of Octane Boosters

Using an octane booster can benefit your vehicle in several ways. First and foremost, it helps to improve driving performance by increasing the fuel's octane rating. Secondly, using an octane booster will clean the combustion chamber of your vehicle as well as the connected fuel lines. Third, octane boosters have been shown to reduce engine knock and ping as well as hesitation.

It's also worth mentioning that octane boosters are easy to use. Even if you have little or no experience working on automobiles, you shouldn't have trouble using an octane booster. For most octane boosters -- always read the manufacturer's instructions prior to use -- you can pour them straight into your vehicle's fuel tank. Once added, they'll work their magic by increasing the fuel's octane rating while also cleaning the combustion chamber and fuel lines.

Octane Booster vs Fuel Stabilizer: What's the Difference?

Many drivers assume that octane boosters are the same as a fuel stabilizer. While both products are liquid additives that are poured into a vehicle's fuel tank, they work in different ways. Octane boosters are designed primarily to boost fuel octane levels, whereas fuel stabilizers are designed primarily to extend the life of fuel.

If you're planning to store your vehicle for an extended period, such as the current season, you may want to use a fuel stabilizer. The stabilizer product will help protect your vehicle's fuel from becoming stale. No fuel lasts forever. Over time, fuel will undergo oxidation while also attracting moisture. You can make your vehicle's fuel last a little longer in storage, however, by using a fuel stabilizer.