5 Reasons Your Vehicle's Oil Pressure is Low

5 Reasons Your Vehicle's Oil Pressure is Low

31st Jul 2018

When your car’s engine oil pressure is low, you could have big problems. It’s best to find a low-oil-pressure fix right away!

Oil is the lifeblood of your vehicle because it lubricates all the parts of the engine. The oil needs pressure to do that. When the oil pressure is low, the fluid doesn’t get properly pumped through the engine. This increases friction between the parts and affects engine performance. Once your car’s oil light starts flashing, you have about two weeks or 500 miles before the engine gets damaged. Here are five common things that cause low oil pressure.

1. Failing Oil Pump

This is one of the most common causes of low oil pressure. All cars, trucks, and SUVs have an oil pump under the hood. This device pushes oil from the bottom of the pan into the engine. If the oil pump fails, this won't occur, resulting in low oil pressure.

2. Bad Rod Bearings

The rod bearings of engines can degrade over time. This creates additional clearance that reduces oil pressure. Clearances between the rod bearings and crankshaft of just .001” can cause a 15% to 20% loss of oil pressure.

3. Wrong Oil

If you recently changed your car's oil, perhaps you used the wrong type. There are synthetic oils, conventional oils, and hybrid oils for different vehicles. For example, you could put a high-viscosity synthetic oil into a car that needs low-viscosity conventional oil. This causes your car to suffer from low oil pressure. Always refer to your owner’s manual to learn what type of oil is best for your car.

4. Clogged Oil Filter

As the pump pulls oil from the pan, it forces the fluid through a filter before sending it to the engine. If that filter is dirty and clogged with debris, the oil can stay stuck in the pan. (This is common in high-mileage vehicles when the oil filter isn't charged regularly.) Replacing the oil filter is a quick and easy job that most people can do themselves. All you need is a new oil filter and the know-how to install it. Oh, and an oil filter wrench.

5. Oil Leak

An oil leak can cause low oil pressure in your car. Depending on the specific type of car you drive, it can hold anywhere from five to eight quarts of oil. You can pull the dipstick to see if it's low on oil. If the dipstick shows below normal oil levels, it may indicate a leak. This is the easiest temporary fix of all. Just add enough oil to reach the desired level. Ultimately, you’ll need to find and fix that leak or any new oil you add will seep out.

So, How Do You Fix Low Oil Pressure?


That all depends on what’s causing it. For a small oil leak, try an oil leak fix in our inventory. Replacing a failing oil pump is a bigger job. For that, you’ll need an oil drain pan, funnel, and other automotive repair tools. Whatever you need, you’ll find in our huge inventory. And when you shop JB Tools, you’ll get the best prices on everything you need for your low-oil-pressure fix.


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