6 Tips to Protect Your Vehicle From Pollen

6 Tips to Protect Your Vehicle From Pollen

16th May 2020


Protect Your Vehicle From Pollen

Is your vehicle constantly covered in pollen? With spring upon us, you can expect to see more pollen when venturing outdoors. Whether you're allergic to it not, though, pollen can be a nuisance. It will create an unsightly layer of debris on your vehicle that degrades its clear coat. You can protect your vehicle from pollen by following these six tips.

#1) Park in a Garage

When given the option between parking your vehicle outdoors or in a garage, choose the latter. Conventional wisdom should lead you to believe that your vehicle will be better protected against pollen when parked in a garage. If you park outdoors, it will be exposed to pollen, insects, ultraviolet (UV) sunlight and other substances.

#2) Wash Every Two Weeks

Washing your vehicle at least once every two weeks will protect it from pollen. Pollen can quickly accumulate if left unchecked. As it sticks to your vehicle's exterior, it will develop into a thick layer of colored particles. Washing, however, should remove most if not all of the pollen covering your vehicle.

#3) Hand Dry After Washing

Don't let your vehicle air dry after washing it. Instead, hand dry it with a microfiber cloth. Air drying means your vehicle will have a wet surface for a longer period. If there's pollen in the air, it may stick to your vehicle. Hand drying takes more work, but it offers greater protection against pollen.

#4) Wax Regularly

In addition to washing your vehicle, you should consider waxing it. Doing so will add a protective transparent layer over the clear coat. Rather than reaching your vehicle's clear coat, pollen will land on the wax. Just remember to avoid waxing your vehicle too frequently, as it may lead to a loss of luster.

#5) Replace Cabin Filter

If pollen buildup is a problem, you may want to replace your vehicle's cabin filter. Not to be confused with the engine air filter, the cabin filter is responsible for cleaning the air inside your vehicle's cabin. Before air is released through the cabin vents, it will pass through the cabin filter. Therefore, a fresh cabin filter will protect you and your passengers from pollen.

#6) Vacuum

It's a good idea to vacuum your vehicle's interior during the prime months of pollen season. Whenever you step into your vehicle, there's a chance you'll bring pollen. Maybe you have pollen on your shirt, or perhaps there's some on your shoes. If you don't vacuum your vehicle's interior, all of this pollen will build up.