Benefits of Installing a Performance Chip in Your Car

Benefits of Installing a Performance Chip in Your Car

31st Mar 2016

The majority of cars and trucks on the road today use on-board computer chips to control their engine performance and functions. They were introduced several decades ago, with nearly every vehicle 1980 or newer featuring one.

Like most modifications, there are both pros and cons associated with the use of on-board computers. Some drivers reject them, simply because the chips oftentimes place limits on the engine's power, meaning it won't run at full capacity. This has prompted many drivers to replace their existing computer chips with newer and more advanced "performance chips."

Greater Fuel Efficiency

While fuel prices have declined dramatically over the past few years, drivers are still looking for ways to save at the pump -- something that a performance chip can assist in doing. Unlike standard "factory" chips, performance chips allow drivers to control their engine's performance. So if you're looking to increase the fuel efficiency of your car, you can program your performance chip accordingly. This alone can make purchasing and installing a performance chip well worth the investment.

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Greater Horsepower

In addition to making your car more fuel efficient, a performance chip can also boost your engine's horsepower. As mentioned above, performance chips give the driver greater control over his or her car's engine, including its horsepower output. Before you go installing a turbocharger or supercharger, try installing a performance chip.

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Faster Acceleration

You might be surprised to learn that performance chips can yield faster acceleration. For instance, you can program the chip to inject more air into the engine, which in turn leads to faster combustion and subsequently faster acceleration. Factory chips lack this feature, meaning drivers cannot control the ratio of fuel to air that's injected into the engine.

Increased Maximum Speed

Last but not least, a performance chip may be able to increase your car's maximum speed. Even if your dashboard speedometer has some decent numbers listed on it, the factory chip will likely restrict your maximum speed to a certain limit. Opting for a performance chip eliminates this problem, giving you greater control over your car's top speed.