Benefits of Installing a Performance Exhaust System

Benefits of Installing a Performance Exhaust System

3rd Jul 2017

Close-up of dual exhaust pipes on yellow sports car, showcasing high-performance vehicle exhaust design

The exhaust system is one of the most critical parts of a car. Consisting of a network of interlinked pipes running to the silencer and catalytic converter, it's responsible for controlling noise and directing harmful fumes away from the passenger cabin. Even if your current exhaust system works fine, however, you should consider upgrading it with a performance exhaust system. Here are several noteworthy benefits of installing a performance exhaust system.

Efficiency and Power

Arguably, the greatest benefit of installing a performance exhaust system is increased efficiency and engine power. Aftermarket exhaust systems "push" exhaust fumes out of your car more efficiently, allowing burned air and fuel to escape more quickly. In turn, this allows the engine to burn additional air and fuel to increase power and performance.


It's also worth noting that performance exhaust systems tend to last longer than their factory-installed counterpart. Factory exhausts are typically made with low-quality steel. When exposed to moisture -- even small amounts of moisture in the air -- these steel exhausts begin to rust and deteriorate, at which point the affected pipes must be replaced. Performance exhaust systems, however, are designed to last longer and protect against corrosion. They are typically made of high-quality stainless steel that's naturally resistant to rust and corrosion.


Of course, some drivers choose performance exhaust systems simply for their appearance. Factory exhaust systems lack the visual style of these performance systems. With a performance system, your car will boast a cleaner and more refined appearance.


Finally, a performance exhaust system will produce a stronger sound than a factory system. This doesn't necessarily mean that they are louder. Rather, performance exhaust systems produce a strong, low-pitch tone that's commonly associated with performance engines.

When choosing a performance exhaust system, you should consider what all is included in the package. Some systems may contain just the catalytic converter, while others include exhaust tips, headers, mufflers and more. You can expect to pay more for the latter, though these components are needed if you want a complete overhaul of your car's exhaust rather than just replacing a single component.

Hopefully, this gives you a better understanding of performance exhaust systems and the benefits they offer. To recap, they provide increased power and engine efficiency as well as longevity, aesthetics and sounds.