Do Truckers Still Use CB Radios?

Do Truckers Still Use CB Radios?

31st Mar 2023

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The short answer is yes, and they’re not the only ones who enjoy their CB radios.

The idea that CB radios are still popular might come as a shock. It’s the age of cell phones, after all. Why would anyone still use technology that was popular 50 years ago? As it turns out, CB radios still have plenty of use today. Long-haul truckers, parents, and off-roaders use this convenient communication tool. It’s easier to talk on a CB microphone than it is to use a cell phone while driving. And, since CB radio was an early form of “social media,” it’s popular with people looking for conversations. It’s all part of the magic of modern-day CB radio use.

Let’s Start With Some CB Radio History

The letters “CB” in CB radio stand for citizens band. The Federal Communications Commission made the CB bandwidth available in 1945. This gave American citizens a radio band for personal communication. CB radios saw life three years later, and their popularity soared during the 1973 oil crisis. Truckers used these devices to find service stations with available diesel fuel. They also warned each other of speed traps and just talked with each other. It made those many hours on the road more tolerable.

CB Radio for Truckers

It should come as no surprise that the men and women hauling America’s goods are keeping CB radio alive. According to a 2021 survey, 54 percent of the truckers who participated use CB radios every day. Another 10 percent of respondents said they have a CB radio in their rig but rarely turn it on. So, those truckers who are active CB radio users reported using it to:

  1. Get notified that it's time to load/unload while parked at large distribution centers. 
  2. Chat with fellow truckers while driving within range of each other. 
  3. Get information about speed traps, weigh stations, and traffic conditions. 
  4. Receive tips for driving through crowded industrial areas from those who’ve been there before. 
  5. Some truck stops use CB radios to share information about specials, showers, etc. 
  6. Many highway patrol officers use CB radios. Some truckers use CBs to report speeding and possibly intoxicated drivers.

So, it’s easy to see that today’s truck drivers have reasons to hang onto those CB radios and use them. Does anyone else still use this land mobile radio system?

Other Professional Uses for CB Radios

Various businesses and property management companies use CB radios. These devices pair with compatible two-way radios, aka walkie-talkies. This makes a CB radio a great way for someone at the base to communicate with those in the field.

CB Radio Enthusiasts Are a Thing

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The term “CB enthusiast” is all-encompassing. It refers to people who enjoy off-roading in ATVs and other off-road vehicles. If someone gets stuck in the mud far from camp, it’s easy to pick up the CB mic, depress the handle, and call for help. Plus, you don’t risk dropping your cell phone in the mud. This is why it’s not uncommon to see cars and trucks equipped with long CB antennas.

Many RV owners also fall under the category of CB enthusiasts. These folks often travel in and out of cell phone range, especially if they’re boondocking. (If you know, you know.) A CB radio is a handy tool to have if you’re far from civilization and need help. It also provides conversation on those long drives between campsites and vacation destinations.

Would you believe that some people have CB radios in their homes? It’s true. These CB enthusiasts enjoy grabbing the mic and talking to people driving by. Some of these folks used CB radios when they were popular in the 1970s. Others are people who grew up listening to their parents say, “Breaker breaker 1-9, anyone got a copy?” As adults, these people are getting in on the fun and even making friends.

CB Radio Equipment For Truckers And Enthusiasts

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