Get Up to 40% Off in JB Tools' Fall Savings!

Get Up to 40% Off in JB Tools' Fall Savings!

11th Aug 2023

Fall Savings

Our prices are dropping like leaves in our Fall Savings sale. Get up to 40 percent off* on our many tool deals.

Savings of up to 40 percent off popular tools are a big deal. When the list of those things is nearly as long as fall itself, it’s a really big deal. Today kicks off our  Fall Savings sale where we offer many great tool deals. You can save on nearly everything in our well-stocked online inventory. Let’s dive into those sale products like we’re jumping into a pile of raked leaves!

1. Landscaping Tools & DIY Tools

These two categories make up a huge variety of helpful tools. This includes sledgehammers, chainsaws, and leaf blowers. It also includes saws, grinders, and similar tools. If you have work to do around the yard and/or your house, you DO NOT want to miss this sale.

2. Indoor Outdoor Lighting

Light n Carry headlamp lnc7250

No one wants to be left in the dark. Whether you’re inside your house or out in the driveway, you want to see where you’re going. It’s also good to illuminate the area and chase the shadows away. We’re offering amazing savings on spotlights, head/hat lights, and more. You’ll even get savings on personal lighting equipment such as penlights and more.

3. Hunting and Fishing Equipment

barronett blinds bx400bw

If you like an adventure in the outdoors, you might wish to save on blinds, ice augers, and fishing knives. Our sales don’t stop there. We’re also offering up to 40 percent off select game hoists, tactical helmet lights, and much more. Deer season is almost here. Stock up now and save.

4. Mechanic Tools

We consider ourselves advocates for professional mechanics and do-it-yourselfers. You can see our support in our Fall Savings sale. Get up to 40 percent off the diagnostic tools, scanners, and creepers you need for your shop or garage. Search our inventory for additional deals on anti-fatigue mats and other helpful tools.

5. Battery Savers/Winterization Equipment

goodall start all jump pack 12 24

Battery savers, battery lifters, and battery tenders help keep vehicle batteries charged. Why not save up to 40 percent on something you know you’ll use all the time? Sure makes sense to us, which is why we’re offering you savings on these products.

6. Car Detailing Equipment

Keeping your vehicle looking great isn’t just a “summer thing.” Whether you’re detailing or prepping, you need the right products. We’re talking about things such as towels, waxes, and the best cleaners. Get them here at up to 40 percent off.

7. Auto Shop Equipment

american forge and foundry 3305a jack stand

The best lifts, jacks, and dollies don’t have to come with a high price tag when you shop JB Tools.

8. Key-Cutting Equipment

ilco 040 key cutting machine

The savings extend to our selection of key-cutting machines. They also include key blanks, software, and much more. If this is your line of work, do yourself a solid and search our inventory for these sale products. Chances are good that you’ll find something you need, and you’ll love the savings we’re offering.

Fall Won’t Last Forever…

Take it from us Michiganders because we know. We get a few good weeks of beautiful rust-colored leaves and comfy “sweater weather,” then BANG! We’re hit with the harsh brutality of and plunging temperatures of winter. And like the season itself, our Fall Savings sale won’t last forever, either. That’s why it’s best to act now so you can save up to 40 percent on a variety of helpful tools you’ve been wanting to pick up. JB Tools gives you the best tool deals.

* Price already reflects discount on product page. Valid on select items. Discount applies to merchandise only. Excludes tax and shipping. No adjustments to previous purchases. Subject to change without notice. Ends Nov. 5, 2023 at 11:59pm EST.