How to Detail Your Own Car

How to Detail Your Own Car

17th Oct 2023

chemical guys detailing kit

Are you tired of spending a fortune on professional car detailing services? We’ve got you covered! In this guide, we’ll walk you through the step-by-step process of detailing your own car, leaving it looking as good as new. Plus, we'll recommend great products available at JB Tools, your ultimate one-stop shop for all your car detailing needs.

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

chemical guys detailing kit

Before you start, gather all the supplies you’ll need. At JB Tools, we offer an extensive range of products such as car cleaning kits, microfiber towels, vacuums, tire cleaners, exterior wash, polish, wax, and more. To keep it simple, here is everything you need to get started.

For the Interior:

For the Exterior:

Step 2: Interior Cleaning

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Start by thoroughly cleaning your car’s interior. Use a small brush or toothbrush to get all the crumbs out of the smallest cracks and crevices. Wipe down all surfaces with microfiber towels, and vacuum the carpets and seats. One pro tip is to use pumice stone to remove pesky pet hair while vacuuming. When you are all finished, you can use a spray detailing cleaner or detailing wipes to bring the life back to the leather seats, dashboard, doors, and middle counsel.

Step 3: Exterior Detailing

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For the exterior, begin by washing your car with a high-quality car wash soap. There are three methods to do this.

The first method is called the two bucket method, which is a popular car cleaning technique among professional automotive detailers. You can learn more about the Two Bucket Method here.

The second method is the Waterless Car Wash technique, which is used at times where traditional washing with water is not possible, such as during water restrictions or in areas without easy access to water sources. You can learn more about the Waterless Car Wash technique here.

The third method and easiest is the traditional method of using a hose, soapy bucket of water, and a sponge to clean the car section by section. Avoid using excess pressure to keep from scratching the paint. After washing, dry the car with a clean microfiber towel to prevent water spots.

Next, you have the choice to apply a premium car polish to enhance the shine and protect your paint. Follow up with a coat of wax to add an extra layer of protection and give your car a glossy finish. Meguiar's offers a variety of car care products that already combine wash and wax, which you can find here.

Step 4: Headlight, Tire, & Windshield Care

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Foggy headlights cause many problems for people who drive at night. Use a headlight restoration kit to bring back those bright headlights.

Don’t neglect your tires! Use a dedicated tire cleaner to remove dirt and bring back the tire’s natural luster. Apply the cleaner and scrub the tires gently with a brush. Rinse thoroughly to reveal shiny, clean tires that complement your freshly detailed car.

Last but not least, wipe down your windshield with glass cleaner and rain repellant to make sure that you can have a clear view while driving during a rainstorm.

Step 5: Final Touches

Inspect your car for any remaining spots or blemishes. Touch up as necessary and give your car a final wipe down with a microfiber towel for that showroom shine.

By following these steps and using top-quality car care products from JB Tools, you can achieve professional-level results without breaking the bank.

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