How to Keep Your Car Cool During the Summer

How to Keep Your Car Cool During the Summer

22nd May 2018

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Ways to Cool A Hot Vehicle

When the summer heat hits, you may find yourself waiting five or more minutes for your cool to cool off before driving. Rather than pulling out of your driveway or the parking lot, you'll run the air conditioner while patiently waiting for it to cool off. If this sounds familiar, though, you should consider the following tips to protect your car from the summer heat.

Tint Your Windows

Need another reason to tint your windows? Aside from increased privacy and reduced sung glare, tinted windows restrict the amount of solar radiation that enters your car. By tinting all your windows, you'll create a cooler environment inside your car.

Park Under Shade

Conventional wisdom should lead you to believe that parking in the shade will keep your car cooler than parking in the sun. Shade protects your car from solar radiation, making it feel up 10 to 30 degrees cooler. Whether it's a garage, pavilion, a tree or even the side of a building, try parking your car in the shade to keep it cool this summer.

Reflective Windshield Visor

Another way to keep your car cool this summer is to use a reflective windshield visor when parked. Typically made of bubbled aluminum, it reflects sunlight to protect the inside of your car from the hot summer sun. You can buy them for as little as $20, which is a small price to pay considering the heat-reduction benefits they offer.

Crack the Windows

Ever notice how the inside of your car feels hotter than the outside air? This is because solar radiation turns your car into an oven. As the sunlight beams down, it cooks the inside of your car by warming up the air. And since there's nowhere for the air to go, it becomes warmer over time. You can prevent this from happening, however, by leaving your car windows cracked. Lowering two of your windows by 1 or 2 inches will allow the warm to escape. So, the next time that you get in your car after it's been sitting outside, it should feel the same as the outside air.

Let the AC Run

Finally, if the summer sun has made the inside of your car unbearable, turn the air conditioner on and let it run for a few minutes. As long as your car has a functional air conditioning system, it should cool off in less than five minutes, after which you can comfortably drive away to your intended destination.

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