How to Prevent Your Car's Floor Mats From Sliding Around

How to Prevent Your Car's Floor Mats From Sliding Around

8th Oct 2018

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Floor Mat Basics

Do you struggle to keep your car's floor mats in place? This is an all-too-common problem encountered by drivers. Normally, a slipped floor mat won't cause any problems. But there's always the possibility that it will get stuck underneath your gas or brake pedal, preventing you from pressing down on it. As a result, it's important that you secure your car's floor mats in place.

Choose Thick, Heavy-Duty Floor Mats

Even if your car came with floor mats, you may want to replace them. Thin, lightweight floor mats are more likely to slide around than thicker, heavier floor mats. If your floor mats are too thin and light, you may find them sliding across the bottom of your car's cabin. New floor mats are inexpensive, however, making them a smart investment for your car. Just remember to choose thick, heavy-duty floor mats to prevent them from sliding around.

Apply Carpet Tape Underneath

You can prevent your floor mats from sliding around by applying carpet tape underneath them. Carpet tape is essentially two-sided tape that's used for installing carpet. Unlike standard tape, both sides contain adhesive. To use it, simply pull up your floor mats, apply a few horizontal strips of carpet tape to the bottom of your car's cabin, and then place the floor mats back in place. As long as the adhesive holds, your floor mats shouldn't slide around.

Drive a Screw Into Them

Another way to prevent your floor mats from sliding around is to drive a screw into them. You obviously don't want to drill through the bottom of your car's frame. Instead, drill just enough so that the screw catches the carpet and secured the floor mats in place. While some drivers use multiple screws to secure their floor mats, a single screw should suffice if it's positioned in the very center of the mat.

Clip Them Into Place

Many drivers are surprised to learn that are clips designed specifically to secure floor mats in place. Known as floor mat clips, they clip to the carpet and the floor mat. Most floor mat clips are made of plastic, so you don't have to worry about them rusting. Keep in mind, though, not all floor mat clips are compatible with all make and model cars. If you're going to use them in your car, you'll need to choose a compatible type of clip.

Don't let your car's floor mats slide around while you drive. Follow these tips to secure them in place.

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