How to Protect Your Wheels From Rusting

How to Protect Your Wheels From Rusting

21st Dec 2020

alloy rim on tire

Protect Wheels From Rusting

The right set of wheels can improve your vehicle's aesthetics while simultaneously allowing for smoother and more enjoyable rides. Over time, however, wheels can rust. You may notice a small copper-colored speck of rust embedded in one of your vehicle's wheels. If left unchecked, it can quickly spread while degrading the appearance and integrity of the respective wheel. How do you protect your vehicle's wheels from rusting?

Wash and Dry Regularly

Washing and drying your vehicle's wheels regularly will make them less susceptible to rusting. Dirty wheels are more likely to rust than clean wheels. Dirt is abrasive. When caked on a wheel, it may create small scratches that allow moisture to penetrate the wheel where it causes rusting. 

You can protect your vehicle's wheels from rusting by washing and drying them on a regular basis. Most experts recommend washing wheels at least once every two weeks.

Use Wheel Covers

Another tip to protect your vehicle's wheels from rusting is to use wheel covers. Also known as hubcaps, wheel covers are designed to protect wheels from damage. They'll cover the hubs so that your vehicle's wheels aren't directly exposed. Wheel covers will prevent road debris from knocking against your vehicle's wheels, and they'll also reduce the amount of moisture to which your vehicle's wheels are exposed.

Wheel covers aren't sealed, so they won't prevent all instances of water or moisture from reaching your vehicle's wheels. Nonetheless, wheel covers are a smart investment if you have premium aftermarket wheels. They offer a protective barrier over the hubs, thus keeping your vehicle's wheels drier and better protected from road debris.


You can prevent your vehicle's wheels from rusting by polishing them. There are polishing products available that are designed specifically for wheels. When applied, they'll create an invisible layer of protection that prevents moisture from accumulating on your vehicle's wheels.

Upgrade to a Different Material

Wheels are available in many different materials, some of which are better protected against rusting than others. High-carbon steel wheels offer the least amount of protection. Although they are strong, they are highly vulnerable to rusting.

Instead of high-carbon steel, choose wheels in a different material. Aluminum wheels have become a popular alternative to high-carbon steel wheels. Not only are they lightweight; aluminum wheels are resistant to rusting. There are also stainless steel wheels available. They weigh more than aluminum wheels, but they are highly resistant to rusting.