Is JB Tools Legit? Of Course We Are!

Is JB Tools Legit? Of Course We Are!

19th Jul 2023

is jb tools legit?

We offer the best tools for the best prices with fast shipping, which sounds legit to us!

It’s amazing what you can find out when you Google yourself. Our marketing department typed “JB Tools” into the search bar and discovered that our “legitimacy” is being questioned by some. “Is JB Tools legit?” is even a thread on Reddit. On the one hand, we got a chuckle out of this. On the other hand, we believe it’s time to set the record straight on who we are and what we do.

Why People Ask This Question...

It’s our low prices. We’re able to offer such great prices on all the tools and accessories we carry. This has some people wondering if we really exist. We can assure you that we do. While we sell tools online, we have a warehouse - three of them, actually - where most of our products are stored. These items are picked, packaged, and sent by any pair of many human hands working in these locations.

Our everyday low prices wouldn’t be such a shock if everyone knew JB Tools’ history.

The company was founded in 2008 by Jason Petta and Bob Geisinger. The two longtime friends grew up purchasing automotive aftermarket tools in Bob’s father’s company. This is where they learned to negotiate the best prices, then pass those savings on to consumers. When Bob’s father sold that company, Jason and Bob went into business for themselves.

Hopefully, these details help put any questions of our legitimacy to rest. If so, we’d like to move on to some of the questions people online have been asking about JB Tools.

Where is JB Tools Located?

jb tools warehouse

All three of our warehouse locations are in Livonia, Michigan. It’s part of the greater Metro Detroit area. Each JB Tools location is within a few miles of each other. It shouldn’t be too hard to figure out why we have multiple locations. It’s because we carry such a HUGE selection of tools and accessories. We need space to have so many items on hand to ship out at a moment’s notice.

jb tools warehouse worker

“Where does JB Tools ship from?” is another popular question asked online. We clearly answered that in the paragraph above. It should also answer how we’re able to get these tools to our customers so quickly. This is thanks in large part to the hardworking warehouse teams at each location. They work non-stop to make sure you get exactly what you order in the shortest possible amount of time.

For the Best Tools at the Best Prices…

Try JB Tools! In addition to a huge selection of tools from today’s top manufacturers, we’re also the exclusive North American distributor of  M7 air tools. We’re also proud to have acquired Solder-It in the summer of 2022. This means we can deliver these popular butane soldering irons, butane torches, and soldering accessories to you.

Give us a try, you’ll be glad you did!