New Tools Added: Knipex Pliers and Cutters

New Tools Added: Knipex Pliers and Cutters

Posted by J&B Tool Sales on 6th Jul 2015

We recently added over 1,000 Knipex tools to our store, and we're celebrating by giving away 5 Knipex 10" Cobra Pliers!

Keep reading for your chance to win.

Knipex tools are German made pliers and hand tools are absolutely amazing and worth every penny. Knipex has a massive global footprint in the pliers and cutters industry, because once you use these tools, you'll become a believer.

These high-quality tools come with dipped red grips, and most of the handles are a bit longer than normal to give you extra leverage. The pliers and cutters are crafted with high-quality metal and work great in any space, condition or environment.

Eric The Car Guy, tool extraordinaire, recently put five different types of Knipex pliers to a month long test in his garage. In the video below he gives his honest opinion of the tools, and a few are getting a great spot in his toolbox.

Reviewed Knipex Plier Links

If you're using cutters or pliers every day, it's worth your time and effort to have an excellent pair. It's easy to find glowing reviews of Knipex tools online, and we think you'll be cutting, pinching and tightening away with a pair Knipex the rest of your life.

Knipex Giveaway

Knipex Giveaway

Click here for your chance to win one of five pairs of Knipex 8701250 10" Cobra Pliers. Normally $40, but we've priced them at $28 for those of you that can't wait two weeks for the giveaway to end.

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Have 100 friends? Refer them and earn 100 entries! Every person you help to enter the giveaway earns you another entry. There are no limits to entries, which means you can drastically increase your chances of winning.

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Sweepstakes ends July 14, 2015