Protecting Your Car from Door Dings

Protecting Your Car from Door Dings

17th Dec 2015

There's nothing more frustrating than buying a new car, only to discover a fresh "door ding" in the side. Unfortunately, this is an all-too-common scenario, especially if you park in public areas. People have a tendency to open their doors without checking to see how close they are to other cars, at which point the door hits the adjacent car, leaving behind a visible ding.

Park Away from Other Vehicles

You can often prevent door dings and other forms of minor body damage by parking away from other vehicles. Whether you are going to the grocery store, shopping mall, a restaurant, or any other facility with public parking, try parking in the rear where they are no other vehicles. Sure, you may have to walk a little longer to reach the facility, but most people will agree that it's a small price to pay for the peace of mind knowing that you car is safe from door dings.

Use Caution When Opening the Door

It's not always other motorists who are responsible for door dings. If you happen to open the door too fast, you may accidentally hit another car, light post, etc. So to prevent this from happening, use caution when opening your door, checking to make sure there are no other vehicles or objects nearby that you may hit.

Wax Your Car

It's also recommended that you wax your car on a regular basis to help strengthen the body. A coat of wax isn't going to magically protect against all door dings and damage, but it will certainly help. The wax creates a barrier of protection between the outside elements and your paint, securing the paint so it's less likely to chip or flake off, which of course may happen if a car door hits your car.

Paint Armor

In addition to waxing your car, you can also help protect against door dings with paint armor. As the names suggests, this stuff is applied over your car's existing paint, protecting it against common forms of damage. There are several different varieties of paint armor on the market, each of which has its own unique formula and characteristics. However, they are all designed to serve the same basic purpose: to protect the vehicle's paint from damage.

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These are just a few simple steps that drivers can take to protect their cars from the door dings.