Rebuilt Engines: Everything You Need to Know

Rebuilt Engines: Everything You Need to Know

5th May 2022

Close-up of a high-performance car engine with visible components and hoses1

If your vehicle's engine has suffered catastrophic damage, you might be wondering whether a rebuilt engine is a smart choice. Engines don't last forever. Even when regularly serviced, they can fail. Maybe your vehicle's engine blew a piston, or perhaps the block cracked due to high temperatures or lack of oil. While buying a new engine is always an option, another option is to choose a rebuilt engine.

What Is a Rebuilt Engine?

A rebuilt engine is a used engine that has remanufactured. Automotive engines feature many different parts. A typical automotive engine, in fact, has around 200 parts. If an engine has failed, a mechanic may rebuilt it. Rebuilding is a meticulous, multistep process that involves disassembling the engine and then remanufacturing it from the ground up.

Benefits of Rebuilt Engines

Rebuilt engines cost less than new engines. A new engine may cost $4,000 to $7,000. A rebuilt engine, on the other hand, may cost just $2,000 to $4,000. As a result, choosing a rebuilt engine will inevitably save you money.

You can rest assured knowing that rebuilt engines have been thoroughly inspected. When mechanics rebuild engines, they inspect and test them. If they discover any faults, they'll fix them. Reputable mechanics only sell rebuilt engines that pass a set of quality standards.

Another benefit of rebuilt engines is performance. They are oftentimes made with new parts. As previously mentioned, automotive engines contain hundreds of parts. During the rebuilding process, many of these parts replaced. The end result is better engine performance.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Rebuilt Engine

If you're thinking about buying a rebuilt engine, you should consider whether or not it's compatible with your vehicle. Neither new nor rebuilt engines are universally compatible with all vehicles. And there's nothing worse that buying a rebuilt engine, only to discover that it won't work in your vehicle.

You should also consider the warranty when choosing a rebuilt engine. Warranties for rebuilt engines can vary. Some auto shops offer a 60-day or 90-day warranty on their rebuilt engines. Other auto shops offer a 10,000-mile or 20,000-mile warranty on their rebuilt engines.

Keep in mind that replacing your vehicle's damaged engine with a rebuilt engine isn't always enough. If your vehicle's old engine was damaged due to a separate problem, you'll need to fix that problem so that it doesn't result in the same fate for the rebuilt engine. Cooling problems, for example, can cause catastrophic engine damage. Buying a rebuilt engine may get your vehicle back on the road, but you'll still need to fix the cooling problem that killed the old engine.