Top 20 Best Auto Blogs

Top 20 Best Auto Blogs

22nd Aug 2016

Today’s auto blogs are far from ordinary! In fact, the best auto blogs provide car enthusiasts with dynamic and creative content, the latest news regarding innovative auto developments and best of all, they come with tons of personality! That’s thanks to hardworking editors and contributors who are genuine in their love of everything automotive.

Whether you are obsessed with luxury vehicles or just an auto owner who wants useful information regarding car maintenance, you can get what you are looking for by simply visiting one of the top 20 auto blogs we’ll introduce in this list. But don’t get too hungry to gobble down the list without perusing the sites themselves. Learn more about the blogs mentioned below then visit the one’s that appeal to your auto instincts.

We guarantee, the content will sometimes surprise you and definitely delight you, no matter where you are on your journey within the awe-inspiring world of automotive fandom. 

Just a Car Guy

Just a Car Guy blogs about anything on wheels. What makes this blog great is its rich and humorous content on a range of topics including Blitzer Benz, Ferraris, Fords, go carts, hood ornaments, lawnmower drag races, auto shows, and skateboards. The blog offers feel-good appeal, with a very crisp layout and easy navigation for users of the site.

The Just a Car Guy blog provides rich content through the use of videos as well. Take for instance this hilarious video post featuring old guys rapping about their bulldozer!

Whether you are looking for a good laugh, or simply want to see the latest news on automobiles or other topics related to “cool things with wheels”, a perusal of this blog will definitely leave you entertained. Since the website is updated often and features concise posts, users will also have no trouble accessing relevant information at their fingertips. It also features a list of recommended sites that car enthusiasts will no doubt find useful.


Jalopnik is all about the latest news within the automotive industry. Take for instance the Fiat Chrysler model investigated in the death of Star Trek actor Anton Yelchin or the Queens court decision that the right of way ruling in NYC is unconstitutional.

What sets Jalopik apart is its consistent curation of interesting and relevant articles from popular sites. In addition to writing rich and original content on its own, this blog frequently shares auto related articles from popular sites like Gizmodo, Black Flag and The Garage. Fans who visit this site will also be impressed with the fact that they can get the scoop on the latest within the racing business. This includes insiders scope on cars like Porche’s new 911 Le Mans racer. You’ll also find reviews on vintage vehicles such as built-to-order Toyota Land Cruisers made by the FJ Company.

Jalopik offers cutting-edge news and reviews as well as all things automotive for auto fans. Whether you are interested in auto racing or simply want to see the coolest vintage cars available on the market, Jalopik will be able to satisfy your need to be in the know.

Popular Mechanics

At first glance, Popular Mechanics may look like any other car enthusiast site but it is definitely not. The blog offers a unique approach to the world of cars by focusing on an extensive array of topics related to mechanics. That include NASA. Yes, you saw correctly. It has an entire page with content geared towards the space conscious mind and does it in such a way that it blends entirely with the blog’s car enthusiast content overall.

But what might topics pertaining to NASA have to do with car enthusiasts you might ask? Absolutely nothing, except the fact that it deals with mechanics and that’s what Popular Mechanics is all about, as its name suggests.

The site also offers DIY tips and tricks! For instance, auto fans will enjoy reading about the “ 16 Tools to Help You Get Started Working On Your Own Car". This blog post includes some of the most basic tools that’ll help car owners save money since they’ll be able to do home repairs instead of fixing their car at an auto mechanic shop. Interestingly enough, the site doesn’t stop there when it comes to useful tools as it includes content on tools which will help users find success on a host of DIY projects. These posts for instance offer suggestions that’ll help you create outdoor benches, pergodas and sofas.

But at the heart of Popular Mechanics, is great content about cars. For instance, check out this blog post about stunt driver, Terry Grant, and his latest, most insane pursuits!

Motor Authority

Motor Authority blogs primarily about luxury and performance vehicles. With just a quick glance of this site, you’ll get the latest on sports cars, supercars and classic collector cars. This includes articles regarding the 2017 Porsche Panamera, Dodge Challenger and the Lamborghini Centenario.

Another thing that sets Motor Authority apart from other auto blogs on this list is its rich content that focuses on reviewing first drives. Readers can get the latest on sports car and other luxury vehicles as they hit the road for their first spin. This includes cars like the 200-mph, $126, 945 Jaguar F-Type SVR – a 2017 model that’s arguably one of the best looking, high performance Jaguars!

In addition, Motor Authority blogs about auto shows and the most innovative car technology within the industry. This results in topics as far-reaching as the commercialization of autonomous buses, next-generation batteries from Mercedes, flying cars and drone taxis.

If you are the kind of car enthusiasts that wants the latest on luxury and performance vehicles, this site will definitely be useful to you. The content is rich and relevant and the cars – they are definitely some of the sexiest you’ll ever see. That is, of course, if you don’t already have a few in your garage.


This blog prides itself on providing daily coverage on the latest within the industry, especially on car politics as well as upcoming vehicles. Simply put, the site offers a unique perspective when compared to its counterparts.

CarGurus’s coverage on car politics investigates and analyses the dynamics within the car industry today by focusing on the processes that influence decision making. Take for instance one of CarGurus’ recent blog posts about 2016’s "Most American” Vehicles. Not surprisingly, the article considers what it means to be an American vehicle since much of the vehicles American automakers produce are build overseas in countries like Mexico and China.

The blog also covers topics that include green automobiles like the latest electric vehicles for instance. Car fans will also find the blog’s other areas of interest useful. This include blog posts about car parts, car accessories, auto racing, classic and vintage vehicles as well as auto shows.

F1 Fanatic

As the name suggests, this blog is all about Formula One. F1 fans will find it easy to get information on everything pertaining to the F1 thanks to the site’s rich content and easy-to-navigate design.

F1 Fanatic has an entire page dedicated to the most recent season of F1, i.e. the 2016 F1 season along with seasons of the past. On this section of the blog, users will be able to find the F1 calendar for the respective year of interest. They’ll also have access to a list of drivers and teams, latest developments within the F1 driver market, new rules announced for the season (if any), and other relevant details.

The blog stands out as a go-to place for F1 statistics as well. For instance, fans who visit the F1 Fanatic blog will be able to easily find details regarding tracks such as vital statistics on every circuit on the F1 calendar. The information provided is useful for fans who simply want to know details such as lap length, lap record, maximum speed, or fuel use per lap.

Fans who are actually planning a trip to a race can also join forums based on their Grand Prix of choice and interact with likeminded fans as they plan their trip. The circuit information is very extensive and includes track data in all countries participating in Grand Prix such as Australia, Abu Dhabi, Belgium, France, Great Britain, Russia, Spain and the United States to name a few.

Auto Extremist

Auto Extremist is like no other blog on this list. It’s the perfect blog for web browsers seeking unvarnished analyst and cutting-edge truth and about the auto industry. You won’t find the typical, funny car video on this site but instead will see lengthy pieces, appropriately labeled “rants” and “fumes”, on topics that include Le Mans and events put on by the IMSA.

Look for insights into the problems facing the racing industry, insights which are best expressed in articles like “ The Balance of Pain”.

What really stands out in this car blog is the man behind the blog itself, Peter M De Lorenzo. As the editor-in-chief and voice behind Auto Extremist, you’ll definitely read content you know the writer is passionate about. This is influenced by Lorenzo’s 22+ years as a marketer within the automotive industry. His deep knowledge of the industry provides a solid sounding board for his cutting-edge rants and industry insights.

He also brings an old-school kind of feel to the content since he writes long and deeply analytical pieces – much like that of the newspaper column, complimented by relevant pictures and videos.


Motorlogy writes on four main topics within the world of cars: passenger cars, sports cars, luxury cars, and SUVs. Car enthusiasts who visit this site will get the latest news on those four topics. An example of this, found in the “Passenger Car” section of the site, is a review of the MINI Paceman Adventure – a unique two-seater car with a pick-up vehicle concept.

This auto blog also includes general information within the automobile world which web browsers may find very useful. This includes blog posts on topics such as auto insurance, steps to take after a car accident, tips on managing car maintenance costs and so forth.

Though the site may seem limited in its content, users will be pleased with its focused approach as the information provided reflects a clear content strategy geared towards specific readers. If you are the kind of car fan that likes to stick to the latest news on passenger vehicles and luxury sports without delving too deeply into the politics of the industry, Motorlogy is a good place to spend your time.

Thankfully, there’s also a concern about serious issues affecting American car owners today. For instance, the site includes content that provides information about the increasing impact of auto loans on American householders. Thus, you’ll be able to access not just the news headline appeal but also topics that will prepare you to make better decisions when next you choose a vehicle.


Silodrome is the kind of site that doesn’t mind embracing all aspects of the “gasoline culture” as its tagline highlights. It features content on a wide array of topics which includes motorcycles, cars, boats, racing gear, clothing, café racers, art and film. If you are the kind of browser that wants in on the latest motorcycle leather jacket or just wants to know the latest on everything auto, this may be the site for you.

Here’s one example of the kind of clothing or gear-based content you can expect to find on Silodrome – a review of Stylmartin Continental Boots. And it’s no wonder the content is so geared towards the fashion conscious modern man. The site’s writer and editor, James McBride offers a good blend of fashion and newsworthy content it seems thanks to his background in entrepreneurship and design.

The Truth About Cars

When it comes to The Truth About Cars, car enthusiasts will have a lot to look forward to in the form of news, car reviews, and tips and advice on car models from a range of brands. One thing visitors of this site will find useful is the fact that this blog enables users to browse car reviews by brand. This makes it easy for browsers to find relevant information.

In addition, readers interested in learning about recalled cars and car settlements need to look no further as this blog provides consistent content on such topics. One recent article you might want to read provides the low down on how much Volkswagen and Audi car owners affected by the recent diesel emissions scandal can expect to get. The comprehensive article includes a list of affected car models as well as the best options available to their owners who seek monetary compensation.

If you are looking for comprehensive posts that talk directly about the issues affecting car owners or if you simply want to read a car review from a trustworthy source, The Truth About Cars will not disappoint. Thankfully, the site is also well-established on social media platforms, a fact which fans who like real-time interaction with likeminded fans and industry leaders will find useful.

Motor Heads

Motor Heads is a UK-based blog geared towards bringing its fans the latest news and reviews within the automotive industry. This blog stands out from competitors due to its commitment to offering practical advice to regular car owners as well as catering to car fanatics who may only be interested in industry-leading initiatives related to supercars or luxury vehicles. Not only does this blog offer robust and unique content, but Motor Heads is also a leader whose many awards make it clear that quality is its mainstay. The automotive site has received numerous awards including 2015 Cision Top 10 and the Who Can Fix My Car .com #2 Car Servicing Blog award.

Another aspect of the blog that car enthusiasts will love is the fact that Motor Head features a wide range of content on topics that include muscle cars, concept cars, motor shows and car reviews. A sample of its unique content is an article entitled “ 5 of the Most Unusual BMW Designs Ever!

Car enthusiasts or regular car owners who are simply seeking expert advice on car maintenance will not be disappointed when they visit this site. Motor Heads puts your interest at the forefront by offering content that informs, inspires and empowers. This site is no doubt one of the best automotive blogs today due to the conscientious effort of its writers and editors who publish quality content that fans will love!

The Garage

The Garage blog focuses on offering relevant content about cars. Though the content is somewhat limited when compared to others on this list, the blog stands out due to its focus on reviews and the vast intricacies of the automotive industry.

The website features a gallery and blog section where it displays images as well as articles on stunning cars and motorsports such as Formula Drift, NASCAR, NTCS and Rallycross. Take for instance the coverage of the  2016 Susquehannock Trail Performance Rally (STPR) with all its speeding cars, unlikely winners and unexpected plot twists. There’s also a wealth of information on the site overall – content that spans more than a decade of blog posting since The Garage began back in 2005.

Those who want access to high-quality content won’t be disappointed when they visit this blog. However, don’t expect several updates per day as is common on other automotive blog sites like Jalopnik.

The Car Expert

What does a car expert look like? I think it’s fair to say that expert looks a lot like The Car Expert blog. If you are looking for lots of in-demand content about cars, this is the place to go.

The site stands out because of the vast amount of engaging content it provides on topics as far reaching as the future of the car, car safety innovations and car reviews. The site also covers car/ motor events that include the Goodwill Festival of Speed.

What’s really great about this site is that it’s not just for experts. It offers advice to regular folks who may have limited knowledge about cars but want to purchase the best car on the market. The advice columns or posts include suggestions or guidance regarding car financing, car insurance tips and laws that protect car buyers. A typical advice post looks a lot like this one entitled “ The Ten Golden Rules for Buying a Car”. It also features content that’ll help drivers increase their safety while on the road. For instance, a recent article focused on  aquaplaning, a dangerous phenomenon that occurs while driving on a wet surface.

Overall, the site is both geared towards car buyers and car fanatics who are looking for useful and relevant information from a credible source. By visiting this site, you’ll access the latest news within the automotive world as well as advice that’ll increase your buying power as you seek the best vehicles on the market. 

Chris on Cars

Chris on Cars is all about the cars you’ve always dreamt of, from the classic and antique of the past to the supercars and hypercars of both present and future. Car fanatics who are all about the need for speed will be pleased to see content on supercars which includes articles like “ 10 of the Most Beautiful Supercars”. Which supercars would you put on the list? The Lamborghini Aventador perhaps?

Content on this site is simply vast, focusing on topics such as how to avoid junk car scams to the “Epicness of Ford”. One thing is certain though, Chris on Cars isn’t about curating all that’s out there in terms of automotive content. It’s about giving car lovers a taste of the truly spectacular, the out-of-the-world cars that you may never be able to purchase or touch – the ones you can only watch at a distance when you attend motor shows or racing events.

Chris on Cars also offers many avenues through which fans can interact with likeminded car enthusiasts. This includes access to forums, classified for selling or buying cars and events pages. The blog also features product reviews of car accessories and other items that include the Dyson V6 Car and Boat Vacuum and BooEnn sunglasses.

Car Reviews N Care

Car Reviews N Care is run by Kelvin Ang, a car enthusiast based in Penang, Malaysia. When he’s not blogging about cars like the Honda Jazz Hybrid 1.3L CKD, the site also includes other topics of interest – whatever they may be – such as Asian stars or how to get over breakups. This may be a bit jarring at first, especially if you come across these articles before you can delve into the real car conscious content. However, thankfully such random content is less frequent on the blog.

This blog stands out mainly because it offers a different perspective – insight into the mind of a car enthusiast based on the Asian continent. Due to this, those who visit the site will be able to access reviews on cars less common in the West, particularly vehicles from brands such as Mitsubishi, Honda and Mazda that are popular in Asia. Take for instance the review of the  Mitsubishi Lancer 2.0 GTE, a popular sedan in Malaysia according to the blog’s editor-in-chief, Kelvin Ang.

The blog also stands out due to useful content on DIY car care. Topics featured on the blog’s DIY page includes how to paint car tires with colorful rubber paint film, where to install universal bumper clips and DIY handbrake cover installation. The site also offers advice posts, for instance on how to purchase a luxury car for less, as well as reviews of automotive outlets in Penang.

The Humble Mechanic

This blog has what many other car review and automotive sites lack, a personal appeal. That’s thanks to the man behind the wheels, a humble Volkswagen mechanic/ self-proclaimed grease monkey who goes by the moniker, The Humble Mechanic. This guy hits the spot when it comes to connecting with fans thanks to the video blog approach he takes.

Most posts are actually videos or podcasts that feature discussion on topics or concerns sent by fans. These podcasts are usually less than 30 mins and may include tips and DIY tricks as well as product reviews. Take one of the latest podcast episodes for instance, entitled “ Viewer Automotive Questions – Podcast Episode 136”. In addition, The Humble Mechanic also offers regular blog posts on topics like automotive gifts for special occasions, as well as news on spark plugs and other products. The site is also a great tool for mechanics since it provides access to useful advice and suggestions from the Humble Mechanic himself. One such post offers  5 must follow tips to new auto mechanics.

What’s great about the site as well is its clear sense of focus and simple design that makes it easy for web browsers to access relevant content from the moment they land on the home page.

Whether you are a Volkswagen fan, mechanic or a totally clueless car owner, you’ll find content that meets your needs with video content that is both succinct and easy to understand.

Motorhead Mama

This blog is as much about one woman’s passion for cars as it is about the car culture in Los Angeles. The woman behind this very influential automotive blog creates very interesting posts on topics like Freaks of the Week. This section of the blog post highlights the varying degrees of self-expression and sheer craziness reflected in a car fanatic’s vehicle such as one  Wacky Volvo Wagon that at first glance looks like the result of an apocalypse but of which Motorhead Mama concludes is a work of art.

In addition to posting reviews or opinion pieces on the wackiest and downright extraordinary vehicles that LA residents have to offer, the site also provides more unique content. That’s because Motor Mama has a great sense of humor and talks the real talk that will make even those who aren’t particular about cars get interested. Take for instance her low down on the  Telsa Model X, a car that was delayed for 3 years before finally hitting the market. The eye-catching title of this post gives only a preview to this blog’s rumbustious humor.

Motorhead Mama is really a down to earth blog with high-quality content from a woman who knows what she’s talking about. A visit to this site will open your eyes to what the automotive world has to offer, from paint jobs to parking jobs to false advertising, the inroads of limos and secrets to car upholstery, there are simply few things that Motorhead Mama doesn’t cover.

My Car Heaven

What happens when cars become totally autonomous? My Car Heaven covers content on future cars, supercars and the latest news on the cars of your dreams. Like Chris on Cars, you can expect vlog posts on those cars that are truly extraordinary, not just the average car on the market. These include luxury vehicles that include the latest Ferrari, Aston Martin, Jaguar, Porsche or Bentley. An example of such content is the blog’s review of the Rolls-Royce future car concept, the  Vision Next 100.

You’ll also have access to content covering events like Footman James Sywell Classics: Pistons and Props, a two-day event that celebrates classic motoring both on the ground and in the air in the form of motorbikes, classic planes and live music.

My Car Heaven sets itself apart from other automotive websites due to its focus on unique content that includes bucket lists and fantasy garages. The Bucket List page features blog posts on the must-see sites and excursions every car enthusiast should take. Take for instance a visit to the Ferruccio Lamborghini Museum in Italy or a  death-defying drive on one of the most dangerous roads in the world!

A visit to the My Car Heaven blog provides access to interesting and unique content. If you are a fan of luxury vehicles, supercars and future car concepts, this is one site that is definitely worth visiting.

Driving Spirit

Driving Spirit definitely stands out for more than one reason. For instance, this car blog offers extensive reviews on cars that include first impressions, owners’ opinions, full tests as well as product reviews. This is a good source for cutting-edge commentary about new cars on the market, especially if you are interested in family-friendly or affordable vehicles.

In addition to the unbiased commentary and reviews on the latest cars within the automotive industry, Driving Spirit also provides news on just about any car brand you can name. These brands include but are not limited to Abarth, BMW, Audi, Ford, Honda, Lexus, Porsche and Volkswagon. An example of great content on the site is the review of the iconic  Ford Mustang V8! Whether you are a fan of Ford vehicles or not, you will definitely appreciate the quality of the content including the car photography and videos.

In essence, Driving Spirit is about providing relevant content on affordable cars – fun cars you can aspire to own without needing to rob the bank or win the lottery. With high-quality and relevant content, Driving Spirit is definitely one of the best auto blogs out there. Not surprisingly, this site won the Guild of Motoring Writers Award for Breakthrough Blogger.

Eric the Car Guy

Eric the Car Guy, as the name of the blog suggests, is an automotive blog run by a car technician. This informative site offers useful content for individuals seeking assistance with repairing their cars. For instance, those who visit the site will be able to access video that’ll guide them through the process of replacing engines, timing belts and clutches.

What’s really great about this site is the video posts. In addition to the manual repair posts, a visit to the site will also provide access to videos that can provide a host of answers to concerns related to  suspension and steering, fuel and emissions, body work, tool reviews, test drives and safety.

For car enthusiasts or the average driver who wants practical advice without having to read a lot of words, this site will be useful to you. You’ll be able to find just what you need if you take the time to have a good look at what the blog has to offer.