Top 5 DIY Car Upgrades That Won't Break The Bank

Top 5 DIY Car Upgrades That Won't Break The Bank

Posted by J&B Tool Sales on 5th Jul 2015

Looking to improve your car's performance without dipping into your saving's account? There's no denying the fact that certain modifications are downright expensive, with a typical turbocharger costing anywhere between $1,500 to $2,500. But there are other, more affordable upgrades available, which we're going to discuss today.

New Tires

Don't underestimate the importance of using high-quality tires. Many people buy the cheapest tires possibly, using them until there's little-to-no tread left – or until they pop. If you're looking to improve your car's handling and performance, however, you should spend the extra money on premium tires. Doing so will give you better road traction and handling, which is particularly beneficial when driving in rain, sleet or snow.

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Replace The Spark Plugs

When was the last time you replaced the spark plugs in your car? If your car is misfiring, won't start easily, or if it accelerates rapidly followed by a sudden acceleration, chances are they need changing. A good rule of thumb is to change your spark plugs at least once every 30,000 miles. This type of maintenance is usually included a regular tune-up, but it's easier and cheaper to do it yourself. Using just a few basic tools and a little bit of time, you should be able to change your spark plugs without the need of a professional auto shop.

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Performance Computer Chip

You can pull some more horsepower out of your car or truck by installing a performance computer chip. Modern-day vehicles come equipped with on-board computers that are designed to perform a variety of functions, such as calculating air-to-fuel ratios, electrical switches, speed governing and more. You can optimize these functions by replacing your stock chip with a performance-grade model.

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Cold Air Intake

We talked about the beneficial of cold air induction devices in a previous blog post, but it's worth mentioning again that such modifications can boost your vehicle's horsepower. These devices work by forcing air into the engine's combustion name (hence the name, cold air intake). How does this yield more horsepower? Well, combustion requires a combination of fuel and air. When more air is forced into the engine, it produces more power. It's just that simple.

Strut Tower Brace

Installing a strut tower brace may also prove beneficial. It may not yield the same power as a cold air intake, but it WILL improve your vehicle's handling. Strut tower braces work by providing support for the car's undercarriage between the strut towers; thus, making your ride a little bit smoother.