Why Does My Car Stall When Driving?

Why Does My Car Stall When Driving?

16th Jul 2018

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Causes of Car Stalling

Does your car stall when you are driving it? You don't need to a degree in automotive mechanics to know that this isn't normal. Even if it's only intermittently, stalling while driving is a serious problem that increases the risk of collision. You might not have the time to veer your car to a safe area, resulting in another vehicle running into your bumper. The first step to fixing this problem, however, is to identify what's causing your car to stall while driving.

Bad Battery

If your battery is unable to hold a charge, your car may stall while driving. Keep in mind that most car batteries last for just four years, after which their ability to power your vehicle's electrical system begins to degrade. Eventually, you may be unable to start your car. Or if you're able to start it, your car may stall while driving. Either way, you should check the battery if you are experiencing this problem.

Bad Alternator

Another possible cause is a bad alternator. The alternator work harmoniously with the battery to power your car's electrical system. When driving, the movement of your car allows the alternator to produce power, which is then transported to the battery, thereby recharging the battery. If the alternator fails, however, the battery will never recharge, resulting in it dying. You can expect a typical alternator to last for about seven years.

No Gas

If your car stalls while driving, check to make sure there's gas in the tank. I know this sounds like common sense, but millions of motorists are stranded on the side of the road each year because they run out of gas. When a car runs out of gas, the engine will typically cut off while the electrical system remains intact.

Bad Fuel Pump

Even if you have fuel in your car's tank, it might not be reaching the engine. Gas is stored in the tank, and in order to reach the engine, it must be pumped. A bad fuel pump, however, means fuel will remain stuck in the tank while restricting your engine of this vital ingredient needed for combustion.

Sensor Failure

Finally, a failure of one of your car's sensors, such as the camshaft sensor, may cause your car to stall while driving. You can usually see if a sensor is failing by looking for the check engine light. If your car's check engine light is turned on, scan it for the fault code. If it matches a sensor failure, you know what's causing your car to stall while driving.

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