Why is My Car Shaking?

Why is My Car Shaking?

13th Jul 2016

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Does your car seem to shake and stutter? You don't need to be a professional auto mechanic to know that this indicative of some other underlying problem. And unless you fix the problem, chances are it will become progressively worse. So, what are some of the common reasons why cars shake?

Tires Need Balancing

One of the most common reasons for this phenomenon is imbalanced tires. Whenever a wheel is added to the axle with a new tire, it must be balanced to ensure equal and even weight distribution around the axle. But even if your tires were initially balanced, they may become imbalanced over time, which can lead to shaking.

Aside from the uncomfortable shaking, driving a car that needs its tires balanced can lead to faster tread wear while also straining the wheel bearings and suspension. Take your car to an auto mechanic to have your wheel balance checked, and if necessary, fixed.

f you get into a minor fender-bender or other mishap, such as running over a curb, you might feel as though it wasn’t enough to do any damage. That might not be true, however. Even a minor accident can bend an axle, and the slightest bend in this very important part can lead to serious shaking, especially at higher speeds. At the end of the axles is a part called the “constant velocity joint,” or CV joint. If those joints are worn out, that can also mean that your car is shaking.

Warped Brake Rotor

Another reason why cars shake is because of a warped brake rotor. You can easily diagnose this problem by determining when exactly the shaking occurs. If your car only shakes when you apply the brakes, chances are it's a warped brake rotor. This component is found directly inside the wheel. When you press the brake pedal, the actual brakes hit this rotor to slow down your car. Like most components on a car, however, the brake rotors can and will eventually wear out, at which point you'll need to replace them.

Damaged Wheel

It's bound to happen sooner or later: you drive over a massive pothole, only to discover that your car now shakes for some unknown reason. Well, driving over potholes or other obstructions can cause serious damage to the wheel, bending it to the point where it causes shaking. Have your wheels inspected by a professional mechanic to determine whether or not this is causing your car to shake.