Midtronics GR8-1100 Diagnostic Conductance Charger (12 V) With MOSFET Circuitry

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    Midtronics GR8-1100 Brochure:


     *For the version that includes the printer, see GR8-1100 KIT. The GR8-1100 machine does not include the printer. If you have a GR8-1100 and need a printer, see Midtronics A141.

    Increase your service efficiency and overall customer satisfaction with the GR8-1100 from Midtronics. This all-in-one portable battery diagnostic station offers intelligent, controlled, and rapid charging combined with battery state-of-health analysis. Routine maintenance checks are performed quickly and efficiently by identifying batteries nearing the end of their useful life before they fail out on the road. The contoured rolling cart with detachable controller and optional integrated printer give you maximum flexibility for customer consultations anywhere in your shop. Increase your battery sales and customer satisfaction scores with the Midtronics GR8.

    Product Features
    Diagnostic Charging Mode

    • Quickly and efficiently assess the condition of the battery Power Supply Mode
    • Maintains the battery state-of-charge during vehicle reflash programming and extensive service work

    Jump-start Mode

    • 250 amp automated jump-start routine

    Manual Mode

    • User-defined charging parameters

    Maximize Service Efficiency

    • Recover batteries quickly & eliminate wasted time charging bad batteries
    • Quickly service every vehicle

    Improve Customer Satisfaction

    • Reduce and eliminate no-start situations
    • Quickly fix battery problems

    Increase Your Bottom Line

    • Eliminate costly replacement of good batteries
    • Free technicians for more profitable tasks

    Dynamic Conductance Technology combined with advanced charge control to provide fast and accurate results

    MOSFET Soft Switch Charging Technology

    • Allows more precise control of charging voltage and current
    • Increases overall charging efficiency (maximizes energy usage from the AC outlet)
    • Provides necessary responsiveness and control for maintaining battery during service work including when control modules are being re-flashed
    • Dramatically reduces heat as compared to standard SCR controlled devices and increases service life
    • Integrated temperature sensor improves safety and diagnostic charging capabilities
    • Four individual load test capabilities allow testing and charging of small and large batteries
    • Recovery charge mode helps recover hard to charge batteries
    • Top-off charging lets you trickle charge batteries when desired
    • Multiple diagnostic/charging algorithms including AGM/spiral batteries

    Removable controller design provides flexibility and utility

    • Unique design isolates key electronics away from the heat associated with battery charging
    • Provides service and repair flexibility

    New integrated, roll-around cart design puts the controls at the user’s level
    Quick connect removable cables for maximum service flexibility

    Advanced Communications

    • Large back-lit graphical screen
    • Full alphanumeric keypad including hot keys
    • USB port
    • Data card reader/writer for simple in-field upgrades and data storage
    • Integrated printer (optional)

    Technical Specs


    • GR8-1100


    • LCD graphics display

    Test Range:

    • 100-3000 CCA
    • 100-3000 CA
    • 100-3000 MCA (Marine Cranking Amps)
    • JIS by Number
    • 100-1000 A DIN
    • 100-3000 A SAE
    • 100-1000 A IEC
    • 100-3000 A EN

    Charging Voltage:

    • Up to 17 volts, .1 resolution

    Charging Current:

    • 0-60 Amps, 1 Amp resolution
    • 80 Peak Amps


    • Amp hours put into the battery
    • Time remaining to charge in minutes
    • Voltage
    • CCAs

    CUL Listed

    • English
    • Spanish
    • French-Canadian

    Housing Material:

    • Acid resistant ABS plastic Printer:
    • Optional built-in printer
    • IR port functions with existing A087 printer

    GR-8 Integrated Printer

    • Field upgradeable/replaceable
    • Same quality printout as external

    IR printer

    • Unlike external IR printers, integrated printer is immune to light interference
    • Thermal printout
    • Integrated – no magnet, velcro or bracket needed
    • Easy to use. No software change needed to enable printer – plug and play

    Product note:

    1. JB Tool and all other tool & equipment distributors only offer standard, aftermarket Midtronics models.
    2. These models do not include warranty codes or any other custom OEM or Major Account features.
    3. Midtronics will not retrofit or reprogram standard aftermarket models into a custom model under any circumstance.
    4. Custom OEM & Major account models are only available through specific distribution channels or directly from Midtronics. Please contact Midtronics and they can direct.
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