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Powermatic WB-37 Model 20HP 37" Wide Belt Sander (1790837)

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    Powermatic WB-37 Model 20HP 37" Wide Belt Sander (1790837) is a 37-inch wide-belt sander designed for professional woodshops seeking superior sanding performance and efficiency. This heavy-duty sander boasts a powerful 20-horsepower motor that tackles even the most demanding sanding tasks. The variable-speed control allows for fine-tuning the sanding process for optimal results on various materials and project requirements.


    • 37-Inch Wide Belt: Ideal for sanding large surfaces, making it perfect for professional woodshops and high-volume applications.
    • 20-Horsepower Motor: Provides robust power to handle the toughest sanding tasks with ease.
    • Variable Speed Control: Fine-tune the sanding process to suit various materials and project requirements for optimal results.
    • Digital Readout (DRO): Ensures precise thickness measurement for consistent, high-quality results.
    • Centralized Controls: All functions are conveniently located for easy access and user-friendly operation.
    • Automatic Belt Tension System: Adds convenience and ensures proper belt tension for consistent performance.
    • Tool-Free Belt Changes: Allows for quick and easy belt changes, minimizing downtime.
    • Three-Motor System: Provides independent power to the sanding drums, variable-speed feed, and feed table, optimizing performance.
    • Disc Brake: Offers rapid stopping power and emergency shutoff for enhanced safety.
    • Auto Thicknesser: Accurately measures the starting thickness of the workpiece for precise material removal.
    • Pneumatic Sensor System: Controls belt oscillation, preventing misalignment and ensuring a uniform finish.
    • Effective Dust Collection: Three five-inch dust ports efficiently collect dust, maintaining a clean work environment.
    • Durable Construction: Built with cast iron and steel for long-lasting durability and reliable performance in professional settings.


    • Product Name: Powermatic WB-37 Model 20HP 37" Wide Belt Sander (1790837)
    • Sanding Belt Width: 37 inches
    • Motor Power: 20 horsepower
    • Feed Belt: Variable-speed
    • Pneumatic Sensor System: Automatic belt oscillation control
    • Construction: Cast iron and steel
    • Dust Ports: Three 5-inch ports (minimum 1,600 CFM required)
    • Warranty: 5 years


    • Step 1: Connect the Powermatic WB-37 Sander to the appropriate power source and ensure it is securely positioned on a stable surface.
    • Step 2: Use the centralized control panel to power on the sander and set the desired initial thickness using the digital readout (DRO).
    • Step 3: Load the workpiece onto the feed belt. Adjust the feed belt speed to match the material type for optimal sanding performance.
    • Step 4: Engage the pneumatic sensor system to maintain proper belt oscillation during operation, preventing the belt from running off the drums.
    • Step 5: Use the auto thicknesser to capture the starting thickness of the workpiece and initiate the sanding process for precise material removal.
    • Step 6: Monitor the sanding process and adjust settings as needed to achieve the desired finish. Use the disc brake in case of emergencies to stop the sander immediately.
    • Step 7: After sanding, power off the machine and disconnect from the power source. Clean the machine and work area to maintain optimal performance.

    BENEFITS OF USING Powermatic WB-37 Model 20HP 37" Wide Belt Sander (1790837):

    • Precision Sanding: Achieve consistent and precise material removal with the variable-speed feed belt and auto thicknesser.
    • Efficient Operation: The three-motor system and pneumatic sensor system ensure smooth, efficient operation with minimal downtime.
    • User Convenience: The centralized controls and digital readout offer user-friendly operation and easy access to key settings.
    • Safety and Durability: The disc brake and rugged construction provide enhanced safety and long-lasting durability, making it suitable for heavy-duty industrial use.
    • Versatile Use: Ideal for sanding large wood panels, doors, and furniture components, catering to a wide range of professional woodworking needs.
    • Effective Dust Collection: Maintains a clean work environment with three efficient dust ports, reducing airborne dust particles.
    • Included Accessories: Comes with essential components and features for immediate use, enhancing productivity and efficiency.


    • Comprehensive Control System: Centralized control panel with digital readout for precise thickness settings and easy operation.
    • Variable-Speed Functionality: Allows fine-tuning of the feed belt speed for optimal sanding results based on material type.
    • Advanced Pneumatic Sensor: Maintains consistent belt oscillation, preventing misalignment and ensuring uniform sanding quality.
    • Independent Motor Power: Three-motor system distributes power efficiently to the sanding drums, feed belt, and table.
    • Enhanced Safety: Disc brake provides immediate stopping power, enhancing safety during operation.
    • Heavy-Duty Construction: Built with robust cast iron and steel, ensuring durability and reliability in demanding woodworking environments.
    • Effective Dust Collection: Three 5-inch dust ports connect to a dust collection system, requiring a minimum of 1,600 CFM for optimal performance.
    • Electrical Compatibility: Requires an appropriate power source for professional use, making it suitable for industrial settings.
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