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Founded in 1947, Schumacher Electric Corporation has made it our mission to produce high standard equipment that include powerful batteries or power conversion tools. We supply DIY customers, professionals and retailers with products engineered to increase power and performance by maintaining world-leading standards that are recognized within the industry. In the past several decades, Schumacher Electric has stood out among its competitors and gained numerous awards for its patented, technology-savvy products. These awards include the 1996 New Product Showcase for Farm and Ranch line of Battery Chargers, the 2008 United Hardware Distributing Company Departmental Vendor of the Year -Automotive Awards and the 2010 Auto Zone's WITTDTJR Award.

We offer customers a wide range of power supply tools including battery chargers and battery testers. These products are affordable and effective in providing solutions for customers within many industries such as automotive, industrial, marine and more. Schumacher Electric products such as our heavy-duty jumpstarters, memory savers and intelligent battery maintainers make it easy for customers to find solutions to problems related to powersports, boats, cars and other vehicles. Whether you are testing your vehicle or working within the agricultural industry, you can use our power supply tools to improve your ability to maintain power and work efficiently.

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Schumacher Electric Products

Schumacher Electric supplies a range of power conversion products which enable customers to jump start their vehicles and maintain their vehicle’s power supply. DSR Pro Series Jump Starters, batteryless jump starters and handheld chargers are some of our most sought-after tools.

DSR Pro Series Jump Starters

DSR Pro Series Jump Starters are portable power supply equipment that make it possible for technicians and other customers to jump start their vehicles when their batteries fail. They feature a durable, ergonomic design which includes heavy-duty clamps, built-in voltmeter and flexible double insulation cable. A popular option is the 3200 Peak Amp ProBooster for 24V Batteries.

Batteryless Jump Starters

Batteryless Jump Starters, as their name suggests, do not have built-in batteries. This provides several advantages when compared to DSR Pro Series Jump Starters that generally include less maintenance and a longer lifespan. Popular options within this category include the 450A Ultracapacitor Batteryless Jump Starter, an equipment perfect for gasoline and diesel engines.

Handheld Chargers

Schumacher Electric Handheld Chargers are portable starters designed to charge 6 and 12 volt batteries. These chargers are equipped with both manual and fully automatic operation which enable them to function effectively during emergencies. They are less bulky than the average jump starter and are typically used for quick start functions, for example, the top-rated 2/15/125A 6/12V Automatic/Manual Traditional Battery Charger.

Product Comparisons

Jump Starters - DSR ProSeries

  PSJ-1812 Battery Jump Starter PSJ-2212 DSR Pro Series Jump Starter PSJ-3612 Battery Jump Starter PSJ-4424 Battery Jump Starter
Amp Hours: 18 22 36 44
Peak Amps: 1800 2200 3600 4400
Sell Country: USA USA USA USA
Unit Depth: 12.48 13.97 14.76 13.97
Unit Height: 10.98 15.15 15.55 15.15
Unit Weight: 17.73 21.47 37.24 37.74
Unit Width: 3.74 4.72 8.26 7.87
Warranty Period: N/A 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year

Batteryless Jump Starters


DSR108 ProSeries 450 Amp

Ultracapacitor Batteryless Jump Starter

DSR109 ProSeries 800 Amp

Ultracapacitor Batteryless Jump Starter

Input: 12V DC 10A, 5V DC 2A 12V DC 10A, 5V DC 2A
Starting Current: 450 A 800A
Working Temperature: -40°C to 65°C (-40°F to 150°F) -40°C to 65°C (-40°F to 150°F)
Recharge Time from Battery: 90 seconds 150 seconds
Recharge Time from 12V Socket: 200 seconds 400 seconds
Recharge time from USB: 20-40 minutes 40-60 minutes


Accessory:  Mounting Brackets


Battery Type: 10 4 4 1
Rating Agency: CUL - Canada UL UL - Underwriters Laboratories CUL - Canada UL UL - Underwriters Laboratories
Sell Country: CAN USA USA USA
Unit Depth: 825 8.37 8.50 8.37
Unit Height: 3.88 5.00 5.25 5.00
Unit Weight: 5.00 14.85 12.40 11.79
Unit Width: 8.88 10.60 10.50 10.600
Warranty Period: 2 Years 2 Years 2 Years 2 Years
  • Fully automatic--turns on and off as needed
  • Charges in 2 - 12 hours, 1.5 amp trickle charge rate
  • Reverse-hookup protection
  • Operates in automatic or manual mode
  • 10 amp fast charge
  • Charges 12 volt standard, AGM and deep-cycle batteries
  • Convenient handle
  • Charges a battery in 2 - 4 hours
  • Fully automatic--will not overcharge batteries
  • 6-function rotary switch

Schumacher Electric Warranty

As the largest manufacturer and supplier of world-leading power supply equipment, we have a loyal customer base which we value. Schumacher Electric provides a comprehensive warranty package that includes a guarantee that our products are free of defective material or workmanship. This is a reflection of our commitment to provide only the best battery parts and supplies to our customers throughout the world.

In addition, customers are guaranteed access to various warranty in accordance to the type of product purchased. Schumacher Electric warrants 90 days, 1 year, 2 years, 3 years or 5 years limited warranty beginning on the day of purchase. This ensures customer satisfaction and provides protection against any issues arising due to faulty material or manufacturer errors.

Schumacher reserves the right to adhere to warranty procedures as determined based on product details and our general warranty policies. Products damaged due to misuse or handling contrary to product guidelines may not meet the requirements for warranty. In addition, any product that has been damaged due to lack of maintenance on the part of the buyer may be exempted from our warranty program.

Customers with questions or queries regarding specific Schumacher products can access details regarding the product’s qualifying warranty program. Call our Customer Support team at 1-800-621-5485 or complete the warranty product registration form here* to access the information you need. Schumacher Representatives will be quick to assist.